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FloatyMemo is a simple "sticky note" like application for iPhone/iPad (Universal application).
You can put your notes anywhere on the screen. FloatyMeo works on the both screen mode, portrait and landscape. It supports flexible resizing with two finger gesture - pinch and rotation.
Advanced version - FloatyMemo+, which supports marshaling notes, filetering notes, sharing note, and so on, is available.
Sunaba for iOS
Sunaba for iOS is an application designed for writing and running Sunaba code.
Programming language "Sunaba" is designed by Takashi Hirayama (SEGA). It supports minimal functionalities to focus on learning and writing programing code for beginners.
"Sunaba" is designed for programing learners, especially Japanese people although it supports English notation.
"A computer program is built up in this way. (in Japanese)" (ISBN:978-4-7980-3925-1) is a book to learn how to build up programing code step by step.
Serene Bach (in Japanese)
Serene Bach is weblog management tools which can be installed easily (CGI/Perl).
The template package system - Serene Bach supports easy installing templates into your weblog.
The plugin extension system - Serene Bach supports various plugins e.g. anti-spam comments plugin.
Flexible integration between static html generation and dynamic html output. Serene Bach can be used as a web contents management system.
Solipo is GUI wrapper application for polipo on Windows.
A caching web proxy - polipo is a lightweght local proxy server. It can cache web contents and makes web browsing much much faster.