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Sunaba for iOS ver 1.00

Sunaba for iOS is an application designed for writing and running Sunaba code.

  • You can create and edit Sunaba programs on simple and clean editor.
  • You can run Sunaba programs on the spot.
  • You can send a mail with a Sunaba program as an attachment.
  • You can check sample codes without any connection.

Programming language "Sunaba" is designed by Takashi Hirayama (SEGA). It supports minimal functionalities to focus on learning and writing programing code for beginners.

"Sunaba" is designed for programing learners, especially Japanese people although it supports English notation.

"A computer program is built up in this way. (in Japanese)" (ISBN:978-4-7980-3925-1) is a book to learn how to build up programing code step by step.

Sunaba for iOS is free of charge.

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