FloatyMemo+ is a simple "sticky note" like application for iPhone/iPad (Universal application).

"Sticky note" like - a simple note application. You can put your notes on anywhere in the screen.

Works on the both screen mode, portrait and landscape.

Flexible resizing with two finger gesture - pinch and rotation.

Marshaling notes, filtering notes, sending mails, and exporting as text ... are supported in FloatyMemo+

FloatyMemo+ ... A simple note application for iPhone/iPad

FloatyMemo+ is advanced version of FloatyMemo. The following list shows the main differences between two versions.

Number limit for notes32 (1024)12 (24)
Landscape modeOKOK
Background imageOK 
Marshaling notesOK 
Mailing notesOK 
Expoting notesOK 
Search filterOK 
Quick editOKOK
Trash canOKOK
Editing notes in trashOK 

Basic functionalities and supported touch operations are the same as FloatyMemo. Please refer to FloatyMemo page for the details.


From ver 1.01, FoatyMemo+ now supports multi-page.

You can swipe (flick) the notes to move them into another page (Flick gesture can be disabled in the settings).

Alternatively you can drag the note to the edge of screen to move the note to the next page. When you drag the note to the edge of screen, the note will be highlighted with orange border then waiting a sec to move it into the next page.

To turn the page, you can swipe (flick) the screen or use the page control at the bottom of the screen.

From ver 1.05, FloatyMemo+ also supports page management. You can add, remove or re-order pages. You can also set the title for each page.

From ver 1.09, FloatyMemo+ supports "page thumbnails view" You can look down all pages at once. Pressing "page thumbnail" button (or pinching the page) takes page thumbnail view.

[Image]Page thumbnails view


You can search the notes with keyword on the main screen (and in the trash-can list screen).

As soon as you type the search word in search bar, the corresponding notes will be highlighted on the main screen; the rest of notes will be dimmed and became unresponsive.

On the notes list of the trash-can, the search field is on the fisrt row. You can filter the notes with the word.


You can marshal the notes on the main screen.

You can specify how to marshal the notes via the settings screen.

  • By screen position
  • By background color
  • By creation date
  • By modified date


Copyright © 2010 SerendipityNZ Ltd., All rights reserved.

Some icons are designed by PixelPress Media Design / Gary W. Gehiere. The icons are distriobuted under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada license.

The following fonts are used in FloatyMemo+: